AS59378, ADN Gateway IP Transit service is specifically designed to provide high performance, intercontinental as well as regional IP Transit, whether the content is to be ‘pushed’ or ‘pulled’ from the Internet, through a single global AS. ADN Gateway IP Transit high capacity and fully diversified global backbone and Tier 1 peering infrastructure makes it one of the premier IP network providers in Bangladesh. We only private peer with major international carriers/ISPs within each region. We operate in, to ensure regional traffic is delivered within the region, hence good latency performance. Our diversified multi-cables backbone offers upto 99.99% availability supported by robust SLAs.

ADN Gateway IP Transit service providing the best route selection for your destination to the Internet with built-in redundancy and fault tolerance, offering carrier-grade service to Mobile operators, Broadband Wireless Access (BWA), Internet Service Providers (ISP), Application Service Providers (ASP); users demanding high-quality performance and connectivity into the Internet.