In today’s consumer-driven technology environment, enterprise workloads have become much more difficult to predict and manage. The underlying technology environment, therefore, needs to undergo constant evolution and day-to-day management of your IT operations becomes more complex and resource intensive. With ADN Gateway Enterprise-Class Data Center Services, you get the global coverage along with nearly two decades of experience with one of the largest companies in Bangladesh.

ADN Gateway Data Center Service in Bangladesh complies with industry standards with N+1 power system offering colocation facility with 24×7 restricted access. At present, ADN Gateway has a “Data Centre” facilities in two locations of Dhaka city. Gradually they will be established in major cities of Bangladesh to support the country’s expanding demand.

It is your turn to work with the experts to uncover opportunities. As you build, connect and manage your universe, you maintain choice and flexibility in connectivity options and services. The experts at ADN Gateway will work with you every step of the way to maximize your strategy and allow you to create your own data center ecosystem customized for your specific business needs.

We offer integrated product and services offerings in public, private or hybrid clouds. Colocation services are also available in ADN Gateway data centers. You can also choose managed services for deployment on-premise or in a hosted data center and telecom services. ADN Gateway consultants also provide application integration and management services. We recommend the right combination of products and services to meet your needs today and into the future to support business outcomes.

ADN Gateway data center and cloud services help you to centralize your IT infrastructure, operations, storage and management and enjoy the tremendous scale and a lower cost of ownership.